Stump Removers provides professional & prompt stump removal services to Portland & the surrounding areas.

Simply fill out the Request a Quote form & we will get back to you the same day with a price. Our pricing is calculated using a straight forward formula that work for most stumps & is explained below.

Service Provided:

Your stump will be ground using a gas powered grinder. We will grind the stump as low as conditions allow up to 20” below the grade of the soil. If it is a stump on the parking strip in Portland we will grind 18″down at least per city code. Once the stump is ground out there will be a large mound of stump grinds that you must relocate as mulch or otherwise dispose of. The stump grindings are left behind unless the additional fee to take them away is agreed upon. Grinding of roots extending from the tree is additional.

In order to use our standard grinder we have clearance requirements (at least 35” in width and height) in a path leading up to the stump. Also, our machines are on tracks and must be able to maneuver up to the stump if the stump is up stairs or a retaining wall or if you have less than 35″ of access the price is based on the individual circumstances. Please request a quote and we will contact you for more information.


  • $100 minimum charge
  • $4 per inch in the front yard
  • $5 per inch in the back yard with 35″ wide clearance.
  • $1 per inch Roots traveling away from the stump more than 18” in any direction
  • Volume discount for stump grinding jobs over $250 (just call us)
  • $50 Stump Cut: Stumps must be cut down to near ground level with a 12” maximum height. There is an extra charge if the stump needs to be cut down before grinding.

How to Measure:

Measure from the stump at its widest diameter & be sure to include the flare.


Other Services:

  • Removal of Grindings:
  • Front Yard same price as stump.
  • Back yard stump price times 2.

FYI: when planting a new tree in the same spot grinds must decompose for one rainy season or at least 2/3 must be removed and replaced with new soil.

Tree Planting:

  • $95 Tree already on site.
  • $190 Pickup tree and plant it.
  • $295 Purchase a tree through us and have it planted
  • $100 New Soil
  • $30 watering bag for tree.